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Resetting Fuse Box

Why get PAT Tested?

There are a couple of main reasons to get PAT Tested, firstly, and most importantly, to ensure the safety of anyone that is within the premises. Whether this is a home or a workplace, ensuring the safety of these people should be your number one priority.

Ensuring that your Electrical Appliances are PAT Tested, enables our engineers to visually check and electronically check that the appliances are in a safe to use condition. This is something that is not regularly checked without these annual inspections as many of the cables may be hidden.

The second reason is to make sure that you are complying with current regulations. Whilst PAT Testing is not law, this does help you to comply with both The Housing Act and The Electricity at Work Regulation. Potentially stopping any claims against you or your business to due non-compliance with these regulations.

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