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Domestic PAT Testing for Landlords

Did you know that 53.4% of accidental home fires in England were caused by electrics in 2018-2019, with 25.9% caused directly by faulty electrical appliances.

PAT Compliance can ensure that all of your appliances are safe to use, whether this is the landlords appliances or to test the tenants appliances.

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Benefits of PAT Testing your Residential Properties

Ensuring the appliances you are providing are safe to use

By ensuring all electrical appliances are fit for use, your tenant is at much less risk. Additionally, if your tenant is harmed by a tested and approved appliance you have provided – you can show that did everything reasonably practicable to ensure their safety.

Ensuring your tenants appliances are safe to use

By testing your tenants appliances, you are ensuring that any appliances that they will be bringing into your home will be safe to use and therefore reduce the risk to damage to your property.

Protect your landlords property

Imagine how much work and how many problems would arise from a fire within one of the properties that you manage. Finding temporary accommodation for tenants, managing repairs, potential financial loss and potential reputation loss. PAT Testing can help to reduce that risk.

Ensure the safety of both your tenants and home by booking your annual PAT Test Here

What will we provide?


All items will be labelled with the appropriate pass or fail sticker. We will also include Microwave Emission Tests at no additional cost.

Full Report

PAT Compliance will provide you with a report for each property tested. This will include the items tested, the date they were tested and any issues that were found on during the testing

Certification for Every Property

Each property tested will receive a Certificate of Compliance that can be sent to your current and prospective tenants as well as insurance companies to prove that you are doing everything in your power to make this a safe living environment.


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